About Us

Every time we heard or read about someone, somewhere, doing something extraordinary; we were longing to share it with others. That’s how the idea of starting a unique platform like www.bookofachievers.com cropped up. www.bookofachievers.com was launched in 9/11/2016, with a vision to feature Achievers and inspire others.

Famous or unsung, past or present, Book of Achievers has its own criteria to feature people; provided the story motivates, encourages, makes a social change, contributes to a talent etc…

Achievements in Education are seldom noticed. Book Of Achievers is the perfect SITE to exhibit… ~ Dr. Neeta Kapai. Director IGNOU University, Delhi.
Every Achievement is Extraordinary and must be Appreciated and Treasured. ~ Reeth Abraham. Arjuna Awardee.
It's Time to cheer, Encourage and Motivate the Achievers. ~ Dr Lakshmeesha. SAI Athletics Coach