Young sculptor amazes all with her 'mature' art.

A self-taught sculptor who received her training by everyday experience of the earth and is guided by inspiration alone without reading from the libraries of any art schools, Veronique Dumont is a contemporay French artist. 


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Though she has been into sculpting only recently, her work depicts the maturity and wholesomeness same as that visible in the works of a practiced might. The work is dominated by the theme of bust with impressive expressiveness. The sensitive portraits of men and women that she creates, emerge out of her imagination and zeal to transmit an emotion, a memory or a moment into a beautiful masterpiece. 


This young sculptor presents her works in bronze or terracotta and the look she gives her portraits lets the viewer see Man through the lens of diversity. Visualising through the glass doors of a living universe, facing the challenges presented by some powerful faces basked by life, these works display the softness of outlined features. The works look comforted, at times disturbed, always filled with subtlety - but never fail to convey feelings and emotions. Her gestures add gentle humanity to the portraits that she creates with efficiency and expertise. 


This amateur artist has already proved that innate talent and love for art are what keeps the artistic flow going without the requirement of years of experience. 




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