The Climate Change Terms Everyone Should Know

Climate change is the biggest challenge placed in front of us today that needs immediate address, so that the generations to come are allowed to enjoy this planet the way we did. It is vitally important that everyone, irrespective of age and educational background know what is climate crisis and have knowledge of some important terms related to it, so that they contribute their part towards protecting the environment. 


Here are a few. 




The complex system of all plants, animals, and other lifeforms and the environment in which they live – be it the desert, mountains, forests, ice, or water constitutes the ecosystem. We should understand that how we, the humans, live in our communities, every living form lives in its own community and natural surroundings and that it is our primary duty to respect their living spaces. We should maintain the natural balance and let others live in harmony with us. As varied ecosystems on earth make it a liveable planet, one must understand how to safeguard them. 


Renewable energy


We all know about the rising energy crisis due to extensive usage of conventional fuels. A switch to renewable energy will address this concern. Everyone must understand the vitality of renewable resources and learn about their role in creating green and sustainable energy. Solar, wind, tidal and geothermal power are a few options of renewable energy sources that replace conventional fuels and protect the environment too. 


Carbon footprint


The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere by an individual or an organisation over a specific period of time is called carbon footprint. When one understands how carbon affects the environment, then there are possibilities that they attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. Taking public transport or walking/bicycling to nearby places are what individuals can do to help this. 




The release of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is termed as emissions. Small-scale emissions that of from car exhausts or a cow farting are as bad as those from factories and industries. 


Global warming


The rise in the Earth’s temperature due to various factors is termed as global warming. It should be known that the world is about 1.2 degrees Celsius warmer than earlier because of the usage of fossil fuels to provide energy to factories, homes, cars, etc. Having a knowledge of global warming and how it affects life on earth is a must. 


Only when one knows what these terms mean, can they understand what impact they bring on climate. Knowledge of these terms thus allows everyone to recognise their individual contributions to climate change and allows them to mend their ways and actions for good. 


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