Creative Careers for Creative Minds

To all those with dominant right brains and a love for creativity, routine and non-creative jobs appear dry. If you are one of those who don't enjoy serious and monotonous jobs, then don't worry. There are several fields that invite creative minds and pay them pearls. This article lists top creative careers for all the creative minds out there. 


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Tattoo Designer: 


Tattooing is trending these days. If you have a knack for out-of-box thinking, good sense of design and colours, then you can make a career in tattoo design. There are a plenty of online crash courses you can take to gain expertise in this area. 


Makeup Artist: 


An industry that sees no pitfalls ever is the beauty industry. How many of you have called up your beauticians or makeup artists for events small or big even during the nation lockdown? Such is the demand for makeup artists. Long term and short term courses are available for those who wish to make a career in the beauty industry. You can join an organization or work as a freelancer. 


Food/Travel Vlogger: 


If you are good at filming videos and love to travel or explore different tastes, then vlogging can be your career choice. Though it takes time to soar in earnings, once you grab the pulse of the audience, you earn great! You can do courses in photography and videography to polish your skills. 


Content Writing: 


If you have good command over language and if you can play creatively with words, then jobs like content writer, copy writer, editor, content manager and content strategist are waiting for you. In this world of information, every website and business needs content creators to craft about, brand and promote their products. You can either work for a company or earn as a freelancer. There are a plenty of online courses to upskill yourself. 


Fashion Designer: 


If you have a love for designs, dyes and fabrics; if you love styling people with innovative costume designs, then this field has its doors open for you. It's yet another evergreen space that flourishes with opportunities. You can open boutiques, sell products online, design costumes for celebrity and individual events, work for a company or freelance. 


 Interior Designer: 


Buying a house and designing it according to the tastes and preferences is everyone's top most interest. The demand for interior designers is ever increasing and if you are good at understanding client's requirements and go extra miles to beautify their homes, then this field is for you. 


Graphic Designer: 


If you are a tech-intellect as well as artistic, then you shall be hired as a Graphic Designer by advertising agencies, marketing agencies, digital marketing firms and others. Research on the tools you need to master and take the online or offline courses on Graphic Design and start earning! 


The above are just a few out of several creative career options blooming in the current market scenario. Others include the fields of film making, music, choreography, photography, environment, etc. Identify what interests you and make it your career. That way, you don't have to complain stress and boredom at work. 


Happy working! 

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