Jobs replaced by Artificial Intelligence? These careers are safe.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, several jobs have been getting their exit doors open. Manpower is being replaced in various sectors like security, courier services, packaging, transport, telecalling, customer support, etc. There are quite a handful of jobs that AI shall replace in the next few years. However, there are a few jobs that AI cannot replace anytime in the near future. Here is a list of it. Take a look. 


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AI Can Never Take Hold of Jobs That Need Human Connect: 


Well, if you are a Human Resource Manager or if you are into Sales or Marketing, then you can relax. As your job needs emotional intelligence and problem-solving, human understanding and negotiation skills, empathy and conflict resolution skills, it wouldn't be possible for AI to take your role. Also, you need to analyze data, think of present and future market trends, do negotiations with people and thus, your job can't be taken over by AI anytime in the closest future. 



If You Are a Creative Writer, AI Can't Be Your Competitor: 


If you are a writer, you should be creative enough to produce new content that relates to contemporary social, economic, political and psychological conditions. It requires a great deal of human interaction, understanding of circumstances and empathy to create original content. AI might lift up some burden from the shoulders of Editors by taking up the part of proofreading. However, a detailed editing that needs comprehensive understanding of various real-time and creative aspects isn't possible for AI. 


Lawyers And Scientists: 


There can't be an AI-controlled lawyer or a scientist. Practically speaking, AI cannot think with emotional intelligence and reasoning to make counter statements and arguments that a lawyer makes. AI would also not have the irresistible curiosity of a scientist to discover and set forth new theories. 


AI and Psychiatrists Don't Cross Paths: 


Clearly, a Psychiatrist is the one who has the power to understand and decode a human mind. They empathize with people and offer solutions to everyday issues of human life. How can AI even display the acts of understanding and compassion? Won't that be mechanical? 


AI Can't Take Over Event Organising: 


AI cannot plan, customise, coordinate and negotiate with people to plan their events. Creative organization is out of question for a machine. So, the event organizers can sit back and enjoy their work. 


Fields like graphic designing, software development etc that combine artistic and creative skills with technical knowledge are far from the reach of AI. Jobs of this sort are safe but of course, even for withstanding human competition, you need to upskill yourself. 







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