Monkey Pox! The New Pandemic?

We are still in shock with our current Pandemic Covid-19, the wave is still going in and around and the graph has been too scary to look at. But even before we could completely recover from one pandemic, We have another feather to the Pandemics cap!!! Monkey Pox has been declared the New Pandemic. 
Monkey Pox has entered almost 40 countries, and has  3000+ cases reported across the globe. 
On the 23rd of June, Monkey Pox was declared the Pandemic by the World Health Network.

What is Monkey Pox? 
It's an Infection caused by the Monkey Pox Virus. It's genetically similar to smallpox. 
The symptoms are blisters, pimples, rash, fever, chills, and swollen lymph nodes. This is mostly going to cause extensive damage to an immunocompromised individual when affected, than the ones with a strong immune system, It's fatal but it's a rare complication. 

Do we have a vaccine? 
The answer is "No", the scientists have shared that the virus is genetically similar to smallpox. For now, the Vaccines which were used for smallpox Jynneos and ACAM2000 are in use and can be administered before getting exposed to the virus. 

How to stop the spread? 
The answer is very simple, as we know the drill. Social distancing is the answer. This virus spreads when there is an exchange of body fluid, skin-to-skin contact, and respiratory secretions.
However there are no cases reported in India as of now, and the governments of respective states have started taking extraordinary measures to prevent Monkey Pox. 

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