Top 5 books by Lajpat Rai you should read today.

As a fierce freedom fighter and a committed politician, we know that Lajpat Rai is prominently known as the Punjab Kesari. Above all, Lajpat Rai contributed to the freedom movement through his writings that evoked love and fervor for the nation. His books gave the readers a feeling of oneness and supplied enough fuel to become true patriots. Here are the top 5 books written by the Punjab Kesari you should read today. 

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A Book For Economic Understanding: England's Debt to India:


This is a book in which Rai analyzed the economic impacts of British rule in India. This serves as a handbook for economists and politicians to understand the economic aspects of British India. This book also touches upon the impact Railways has had on Indian economy.


Unhappy India - A Book That Stood as an Answer: 


This is an amazing book written by Lala Lajpat Rai in response to the book "Mother India" written by Katherine Mayo. This book gave a strong response to Katherine's portrayal of India as a land of ignorant masses and poverty. Rai highlights the conditions in the then USA and Britain and says that they are no way different from India. This book evokes strong nationalist feelings in every Indian reader.


An Open Letter to the Right Honorable David Lloyd George: Prime Minister of Great Britain: 


When Rai was banished from India in 1917, he wrote a letter addressing the then Prime Minister of England. He documents his feelings and pain of being away from India. The reader gets a glimpse of socioeconomic conditions relevant to the day.


Pandit Guru Datta Vidyarthi: Life and Work - A Book to Inspire 


Rai documented the life and works of Pandit Guru Datta Vidyarthi, an exceptional mind who gained immense knowledge on Vedic literature in his short life span which, couldn't have been possible for many great scholars over a lifetime. 


A History of the Arya Samaj: An Account of Its Origin, Doctrines and Activities, with a Biographical Sketch of the Founder: 


This book documents everything from the birth of Arya Samaj to its principles, activities and the preachings of its leaders. Published in 1915, this book stresses on wiping out orthodox religious beliefs and emphasizes Puritan simplification of life.  


These top five books are what you should read today, to connect with the thoughts and ideals of Lajpat Rai, a strong nationalist. 



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