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This IAS trainer not just teaches but advocates students' issues too.

dr. vikas divyakirti

“He is famous for his incredible teaching style. Some qualities that I have noticed include his unique method of clearing concepts of complex topics, a great sense of humour (you will never get bored of his teaching), a simple living, his humble nature and love and support for Hindi-medium civil service aspirants,” says the employee of Synergy Marine Group, Avanish Kumar.


“I started watching Vikas sir’s concept talk on Uniform Civil Code…and watched all of them within a month. You will be surprised to know that I switched from the science stream to law. The way he teaches is really great…He starts from zero and finishes as an expert on that topic.”, writes Alok Kumar, a 19-year-old student from West Bengal.


“I advise everyone to watch his general lectures, such as those on essay writing and how to prepare for interviews, because it can help in any domain. If anyone wants to hear unbiased opinions on any topic, he is the person for it”, said a BTech student Abhinav Singh.


Who are all these people talking about? He is the most well-known personality to every Civils aspirant out there. Not only the UPSC aspirants, the non-aspirants from different other fields also are the constant followers of his videos. In short, if someone wants to gain knowledge, their permanent zip-code is Dr. Vikas Divyakirti, one of the top-rated IAS trainers in India. If I tell you the name, Drishti IAS, then you would surely recognise him. He is the founder of this most sought out platform that stands as a boon to every UPSC aspirant. This is the journey of Dr. Vikas and his story is not just the story of a civil servant or a teacher or an entrepreneur, it is the story of a ‘guru’, a humble man and a sensible personality with a great motive.


The Man With Multiple Degrees And Immense Knowledge:

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti hails from Haryana and was born in 1976. Ever since childhood, he was a studious boy but studies alone didn’t make his growing up years, for, he was equally active in co-curricular activities. His parents were the professors in Hindi Literature at Delhi University. After completing his schooling at Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Dr. Vikas went on to pursue his Bachelor’s in History from Delhi University. He went on to obtain Master’s, M.Phil and Ph.D in Hindi. He also holds Master’s degree in mass communication and Sociology and also has an LLB degree. In the year 1996, he attempted UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) and in his very first attempt, cleared it. He was assigned to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. However, after working for a year, he thought of helping other UPSC aspirants and resigned to his job. He established Drishti IAS Coaching Institute in 1999, headquartered in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, which further opened branches in Prayagraj and Jaipur. His wife, Dr Taruna Verma, serves as its director. Dr. Vikas acts as the chief editor of the magazine “Drishti current affairs today”.


Not Just A Teacher, A Guiding Light Too:

Dr. Vikas guides his students and motivates them in every step they take towards reaching their destination. He advises them on being the right track without deviating to accomplish their dreams. His way of teaching is different from rest of the teachers who rather take up serious classes considering the level of difficulty of the exam. Dr. Vikas adds humour to his classes and makes even the toughest of the concepts, simple and easy to remember. His videos contribute greatly not only to the UPSC aspirants but also to all the knowledge seekers. His unique talent for teaching made him the most popular IAS trainer in India. He is considered the Abdul Kalam for the kind of work he does for the betterment of students. True, there are various instances where Dr. Vikas stood for the students’ welfare. He raised his voice against students’ issues and helped bring solutions. For instance, the model answers for the Civil Services Aptitude Test were available exclusively in English. On this, the civil aspirants giving the exam in their local languages have had been alleging a language bias in the evaluation process as well as the inadequate translations of questions. Dr. Vikas felt that the aspirants’ concerns should be taken into consideration as it effects their preparation. He urged the UPSC to think about their concerns and formulate a plan of action to encourage social and linguistic diversity in the bureaucracy. “Otherwise, it will remain the colonial-era administrative system where nobles and affluent individuals ruled the people,” he mentioned. Nishant Kumar, a Machine learning engineer, refers Dr. Vikas as “the Harshad Mehta of the 21st century”. He further said, “He fought for Hindi-medium students against the CSAT (pattern). When I watch his videos, I feel motivated and wish to learn (more about) every subject, but he is well-known for Hindi literature,” wrote Nishant who said that Divyakirti is a strong advocate of student’s issues. His YouTube channel has over 5.8 million subscribers with more than 3,800 videos and with over 52k followers on Instagram, Dr. Vikas helps students crack India’s most difficult exam. He has also authored numerous books and informative pieces on current affairs for the IAS aspirants.


If someone reading this hasn’t yet checked his videos, do it. Even if you are not going to give the exam there, knowledge stays. It’s good to remain updated. Thanks to Dr. Vikas, for being not just a teacher but a ray of hope, pillar of strength and a beacon of positivity to all those who want to achieve something in their lives.

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