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Shoe Shiner singer's heart touching struggle to the Big Indian Idol stage.

sunny hindustani

He sang while he played in the school ground, he sang elegantly on the temple mound, he sang while shining the shoes and he sang under the falling roofs. He travelled from the streets of Punjab to the Indian Idol stage and bagged into his credit, numerous fans from national and international circuits. A show-stealer of every episode of Indian Idol. Yeah, you guessed it right Sunny Hindustani it is.

Sunny the Shoe Polisher.

Born in the year 1998 in Bathinda, Punjab, this youth icon embraced singing from a very tender age. This school drop out participated in various cultural events during his schooling and later he staged his voice at various local events. Sighting his absorption into singing, his father gifted him a Harmonium and a Tabla. Such an iron shoulder passed away in 2014 leaving Sunny and his mother devastated. Sunny took up his father's occupation of shoe polishing and his mother sold balloons to quench their hunger thirsts.

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Shimmering Shoes and  sensational voice.

Sharpening His Vocal Folds While Shimmering The Shoes only drew crowd and fans in the little radius around him. Someone important had to notice this mesmerising voice and soon he made his debut in 2014 with "Akhiyan De Buhe,” released by TMC Punjab.

Sunny now was clear that he was meant for more and contested in Sony TV’s show “Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega.”  The wheel of time rolled landing him on the rostrum of Indian Idol 11 in 2019.

 bio image Listen to the Akhiyan De Buhe Song here bio image bio image

An Account Of His Magic In Indian Idol:

A test on his ability in the auditions of Indian Idol twisted the minds of the judges when he sang Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's "Afreen Afreen". When Anu Malik said that he has found Nusrat himself singing on the dais, his entry into the competition was confirmed beyond doubt.

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Tweets never go unnoticed.

Who can forget the words in Anand Mahindra's tweet on the occasion of Diwali that said, “Diwali is the perfect day to learn about people who Rise. A friend sent me this saying he was in tears watching it. Find the whole clip on YouTube & amp; I challenge you to remain dry-eyed. TV & amp; social media have done us a great service: Discovering talent in the humblest locations wasn't that a one-stop push to rise to heights Well!! Now this singing tone became a well-known voice across the nation. Most of his performances on the Indian Idol stage were Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's songs and he bagged the finale platform rendering a euphonious  medley. The most awaited results lauded Sunny with the finale trophy along with a cash prize of Rs 25lakh, a car and a singing contract with T-Series.

Trekking On The Musical Track:

This soulful singer bagged an opportunity to sing in Emraan Hashmi's film and it was a dream come true. The voice that has ventured into his most awaited world of playback singing and in the days to come we can relax our stressed minds feeding them with his heartfelt renditions.

Rags Can Be Ragged Using The Rage Within

Sunny's story puts forth one good point - Your poverty doesn't decide your fate. Just add a pinch of honesty and perseverance to your talent and you will witness the grandeur in you. Everyone has a story and everyone's story is special and every story teaches us something.

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