Covid19 Hero continues to feed 1.5 M hungry Indians all the way from NYC.

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He said, “Not a favor ….rather I’m serving my nation.”

Many Indians who have been without work for quite a long time confront hunger as the nation fights the crown infection episode. The most defenseless are day by day breadwinners, provisional laborers without any work, and income since the government closed down in March 2020. The World Food Program (WFP) predicted that coronavirus contagion might strike millions in India suffering from hunger pain by year-end”. And after hearing this, "Vikas Khanna, the incomparable Michelin culinary specialist," understands India's appetite torment and began arranging his excursion of circulating dry apportion dinners across India and evacuating this present country's craving tag.

Great Indian Michelin chef Vikas Khanna, born on 14, November 1971, is also a restaurateur, cookery book author, and producer and compassionate. Vikas Khanna is among the Indian big names who have been doing their part during the current Coronavirus emergency by giving to the individuals out of luck. His official group on Instagram tweeted about contacting an enormous crowd up until now. It was additionally uncovered on daily news that he gave crude apportion worth 20 -25 lakhs to the individuals influenced. They additionally composed that the distribution has been dispersed in more than 65 unique urban communities of the nation.

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Inspirational strokes and educational background……

Mr. Khanna's grandma was his wellspring of motivation. At the age of 17, A little Chole Bhature shop in Amritsar became his fantasy starter. Once again! At age 48, he was enlivened by the substantial network kitchens of the Sikh Gurdwaras. They serve a vast community daily. The modest Amritsar boy began his culinary training from Manipal, in the long run, proceeding to attempt his karma in the United States in 2000.

Mr. Khanna's grandma was his wellspring of motivation

He realized hunger pain in New York!

Vikas struggled a lot at the beginning of his career starting from the bottom and that time he realized hunger pain for the first time.

His thoughtful Journey begins…

Khanna began his excursion by posting an enthusiastic intrigue on Twitter in April 2020, soliciting individuals to send him subtleties from the individuals who were urgent for food. He received flooded answers on twitter about desperate Indians who need food and realized it's not easy.

Disheartening and hopelessness hit him hard on his first try…..

His initial effort to feed an elderly nursing home near Bengaluru, India, vanished with some 2,000 lbs of grain and almost 950 lbs of lentils. Yet he didn't abandon heart, so he continued his path again by looking for trustworthy partners to offer him recovery.

Great Sponsors became great supporters…….

Biggest rice companies like India Gate and Daawat allow food donations, and the financially gigantic Paytm helped Mr. Khanna became a sponsor too. Hunger Box, a food industry firm, proposed to use its urban hubs in Mumbai and Noida to prepare around 20,000 servings per day. It comes out like a huge supporter of Mr. Khanna.

For him, it's a special feeling ....when country said it’s a pride

Khanna's activities originally started with the donation of dry supplies to groups such as foster homes, old-age families, leprosy centers, and vulnerable populations. Citizens across the world told him via email and Facebook regarding those desperately in need, so he discovered a way to bring food to them.

Vikas spent valuable time on querying and tracking food supply….He delivered an unforgettable feast of Eid …

Vikas Khanna tried to find particular fellow Muslims once who supported his family during massive protests in Mumbai in 1992. On Friday, a day until the end of the Islamic Holy week of Ramadan, Mr. Khanna's staff delivered buffet packs to less than two lakh citizens in Mumbai, including rice, lentils, wheat, berries, onions, tea, coffee, spices, oil & dried fruits.

Mr.Khanna salutes NDRF…….

Khanna conveyed his sincere appreciation to the entire National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) department, who he said operated relentlessly on the spot to secure, pack and deliver food across the nation.

“Mr.Khanna supported ‘Indian Culinary Heritage.”

Vikas Khanna's unmatchable attempts to support all he acquired the cooking skills helped establish his path. He utilized social networking in search of his master chef Satyam, aged 72, who taught him the methodology of creating Dibba Roti, a specialty of Andhra Pradesh.

Vikas Khanna's worldwide snapshots of wonder…..

It’s time to Lock in on the grounds as you're about to embark on an epic experience finding the wonders of renowned gourmet specialist Vikas Khanna….

Michelin star chef shared experiences on Junoon…Vikas Khanna began the first Indian café "Junoon" in New York City on December 2, 2010. By one year from then, he had just gathered great surveys, including one from The New York Times, parallelly Khanna's eatery got its first Michelin Star. Gordon Ramsay sent a proposal to Mr. Khanna in 2007…..Khanna showed up in the second scene of Kitchen Nightmares Season One as a coach gourmet specialist, and later in Hell's Kitchen Season Six, both shows ran by Ramsay.

Wonderful unforgettable experiences.

With Obamas at the White House…It isn't easy to achieve such an opportunity to cook for the President of a nation, but Mr.Khanna completed such proposals not once, however twice. Amongst the Cannes stars…In 2015, he turned into the primary gourmet expert in dispatching a book at Cannes. His book, Utsav: A Culinary Epic of Indian Festivals, really merited such respect. A second time, Khanna created the splendidly composed, The Last Color, which was made into a significant movie and appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018. Hosting his nation at the UN Headquarters...Mr. Khanna had the opportunity to serve India at the nation's general assembly in New York to highlight the 70th anniversary of independent India.

A few of Khanna’s favourite things…..

Ranked as among the ten famous worldwide Chefs...he believes in a simple lifestyle…starts his day with a cup of honeyed oats, almonds at breakfast. He regularly practices Yoga and loves to listen to soft music. Family is important and spends enough quality time with his brother Nishant, sister Radhika and is always grateful for his parents Late Davinder and Bindu Khanna. Any guesses on his favourite cuisine ??? Its “Methi potatoes & chicken gravy.”.

Vikas Khanna Family

A lot to take away..

Truly a Covid-19 Hero who continues to feed 1.5 M fellow hungry citizens daily. After experiencing hunger, hardships made millions, and now sharing a BIT of it not many can think of. Kudos and Saalams to this BIG Hearted Covid-19 Hero!!

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